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Camella Ormoc boasts of a number of amenities and facilities specifically designed to make life convenient and enjoyable for its residents. The first thing that will greet residents and visitors is the development’s entrance gate, which is attractively designed and landscaped to reflect the Spanish-Mexican theme of Camella Ormoc. This entrance gate will be manned by a trained security team 24 hours a day, seven days a week to promote safety and peace of mind in the community.

For the residents’ convenience, there will be a designated commercial area, where they can access retail stores and service providers for their daily needs. This commercial area is within walking or short driving distance away from the comfort of their homes. There will also be a dedicated shuttle service that will take residents from different points of the development and access points within the city.

Within the development itself, future Camella Ormoc residents will find different amenities to make home and family life more well-rounded and enjoyable. Children can have their share of physical activity in the thoughtfully designed playground, which will be fitted with safe play equipment. There are also a number of landscaped parks where the residents can enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors while playing around or sharing impromptu picnics with their family members and neighbors. There are also several open ball courts where residents can engage in a variety of sports activities.

The entire Camella Ormoc community will enjoy high-quality power and water services. Ormoc is home to the biggest geothermal powerplant in the entire Southeast Asian region: the Tongonan Geothermal Powerplant located in Barangay Tongonan . This plant supplies energy to the Eastern Visayas region, and also augments the high power demand in Luzon.

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